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Professional Development Programs 

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B7B DUNAMIS is an innovative centre offering a broad range of services and career-focused programs in management development, business development, career development. We provide relevant programs which ensure 

our customers meet the demands of today’s ever-changing job market 





We recognize the importance of real workplace experience, that’s why we have collaborated with the public and private sectors to provide the innovation customized management training ensuring you get the most out of your program experience. The skills and support we provide ensure our clients reach their caree​r advancement ambitions, using their expertise to hel​p you achieve your full potential. Our clients will develop the growth mindset, and strategic communication skills needed to move to the direction of their highest management style to lead and be successful in fulfilling their role as new leader.


We recognize the power of an individual’s ideas and aspirations. Our aspirations are our possibilities. Our team like no other, with enthusiasm, employ their ingenuity, energy, and creative vision to inspire you to unlock your ultimate potential.  Our One-on-One coaching process is unlike traditional training method - it's coaching that accelerates your ability to grow inside and out and stay focused on your goals.  We offer services that cover the gamut of personal, professional, business, and leadership development. 


We offer customized training development programs to help you and your organization achieve long lasting impact beyond your boundaries. Interactive Training and Development Tools created to unlock the potential of individuals and organizations at specific levels. Career Development and Resume Services. 


We are passionate about on-going learning and development of individuals.  Through our genuine interest in people, our unique mentoring styles and ability to establish a trusting and respectful relationship, we are helping individuals grow personally or professionally.  We share perspectives, experiences, skills, expertise, and values with our clients to ignite their desire to grow or awake a sleepy ability within them.  Whether done formally, with organisations or at a personal level, we provide support, valuable feedback and the drive needed to unlock the potential of our clients.  



We are known for helping clients solve their most complex business challenges in the four areas through innovative offerings, unique insight and our depth of core consulting capabilities from strategy through delivery.  More specifically, B7B DUNAMIS Group International designs, facilitates and conducts a wide range of organizational interventions such as strategic planning consulting, leadership development initiatives, team building, transition and change management initiatives, organizational health and learning needs assessments, and organizational research.

What our clients are saying

"After completing the course offered by B7B Dunamis Group International, the current outlook on my career possibilities has increased with a new sense of hope for the future. I can actually say nothing is impossible to accomplish when having these professionals right by your side. The coaching that I have received has helped me to develop my career path. "Dream big", is one of my favorite sayings from a wonderful coach Sandra." With a heartfelt thank you to B7B Dunamis Group International, for steering me in the right direction from hotel guest service to working for the 

         federal government of Canada". 

Demish  Johnson, Career Development

"It is a great pleasure to thank B7B DUNAMIS Team for a job well done in steps coaching development my new business and for the very timely delivery.  I look forward for lasting relationship in future to help me with other business needs".

  P.W. Mattew Creative Design

When I contacted B7B DUNAMIS Team I was really feeling overwhelmed. I knew what I want but I really wasn’t sure where to start and who will help me and where to concentrate my time as I had a full time job, so I was losing hope. When a friend at a board meeting told me to contact Sandra who could help me get to the next level with my business ideas, 

I was thrilled.

 Hélène Gendron, New Day Nutrition

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