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Our Methodology

B7B DUNAMIS Group International listens, discover, develop, and connect individuals, organizations, businesses with our partners (Federal Government and Private Sectors) at the right time and in the right way.  B7B DUNAMIS provides international leadership, problem solving and value the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit your effectiveness. We coach on what you need to know, to do, and act upon it. and connects individual, business, and organization with our federal government, provincial, municipal, community and private sectors partners working to develop individual capabilities, talents, business, and organizations projects. We recognize the power of an individual’s ideas and aspirations.


Our ultimate goal is to see people lives, organizations and businesses transformed. 

Our Process From Start To Finish - 7 Key Steps

Expand your knowledge and confidence in creativity and innovation.  We help individuals and businesses to grow with confidence. Fast diagnosis, right action key, practical solutions, personalized and uniqueness approach. Our analytical and logical academic approach and depth of resources give our clients certain advantages that others may not be able to match.

Our Expertise In Establishing You To Lead

Our operational excellence help us identify your challenges, as we committed to create new opportunities turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients. A results-driven mission combined with a make-it-happen mindset. We move the needle forward for clients across industries and around the world . Our strategists conduct initial assessments to determine appropriate resources - developing a plan that helps you achieve your dreams and meet your obligations.


Our vision is to establish a generation with purpose by developing entrepreneurs, organization leaders, and talented artists, with an excellent spirit to influence their community.


Our Core values influence everything we do.  Uniqueness of services in a safe environment where you can dream BIG beyond your boundaries.  We serve every individual with excellence and integrity. 


Our Company was created out of a need that offers what no one else can, a platform for individuals to have the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit their effectiveness.   

Our Strategies Key Results


Our individual, team and group-focused leadership coaching solutions can make a difference at all levels of the organization. A confidential, safe environment for growing as a leader.Our Work and our confidentiality is guaranteed. We offer services that cover the gamut of personal, professional, business, and leadership development.


We abide by the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take, everywhere, all the time. Friendly courteous and efficient for fast services and cost effective.  We offer the highest levels of professional service.  Our service will not only meet, but exceed your expectation.  We are very confident that our services will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


Our Work and Our Confidentiality is Guaranteed Our reputation for fast, cost effective services is like no other.  We offer the highest levels of professional service. We are very confident that our services will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.  We do what we say. We consistently produce results that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers. We accept our individual and team responsibilities to meet our commitments.

Our Story

We've Loved every minute of our journey transforming our clients lives.  B7B DUNAMIS Group International Services was created out of a need that offers what n​o one else can – a platform for individuals to have the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit their effectiveness. We are the coaching, consulting firm known for building confidence in individual by asking tough questions, listening well, We move our clients forward, to where they need to be. Since commencement in the year 2012 , B7B DUNAMIS Group International is acclaimed a prominent service provider of Outsourcing and Multidisciplinary Consultancy services. We gathered independent service provider professionals as a strong group of entrepreneurs to respond to the need of our clients. We believe operational excellence is the heartbeat of growth for every client and business. The founding principles of leadership, strategic communication, action, and results remain at the core of B7B DUNAMIS Group International. 

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